Fun mailbox designs

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Your mailbox is the first thing visitors notice, when they enter your property. Most people use the standard mailbox in red or black, with the word “MAIL”, written on the top. However, you may show more creativity and come up with some weird, but awesome ideas.

For computer geeks, computer mailbox is a great idea. It’s the irony of it that makes it so brilliant. Today, electronic mail is replacing the letter, written on paper, with more and more people sending e-mails. You can take it a step further and replace your mailbox with a recycled computer.


computer mailbox

Spam is not only the unwanted messages you get in your e-mail inbox. You get tons of spam, printed on paper and placed in your mailbox. Think about how many tree have been cut down, to print stupid advertising brochures, which you take from the mailbox and toss in the garbage can, without even looking at them. You can opt for separate mailboxes for mail and spam, and hope that people will take a hint.

spam mailbox

You can choose a cool log cabin mailbox. This way your letters will have their own home in your property. This log cabin looks really cozy and attractive. Imagine how your mail will live a life of beauty and luxury. Just keep in mind that this log cabin might outshine your own home.

log cabin mailbox

log cabin

Remember those “Beware of the dog” warning signs? Well, another way to warn potential thieves that you have a vicious guard dog is to place a dog mailbox. Although, it is doubtful whether this will keep them away. Dog mailbox is also fun for dog lovers or pet friendly neighbors. It will greet welcomed visitors.

dog mailbox


Love fishing? Place a fish mailbox.

fish mailbox

If you love horror movies and want to spread Halloween mood all year round, you can opt for a horror mailbox.

horror mailbox

If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre, choose a castle mailbox.

castle mailbox

For wine connoisseurs, we would suggest to choose this awesome wine barrel mailbox.

wine barrel mailbox

If you want something more artistic, you can go for a sculpture mailbox. You can choose classic or contemporary design, minimal or more intricate models.

sculpture mailbox


You can see some really awesome and creative mailbox designs online. If you are happy with your mailbox and don’t want to replace it, you can just have some fun.

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