Glass staircases for contemporary homes

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Glass staircases can be an amazing addition to any home. They can often indicate class and sophistication. But are the practical enough to install in your home?

If you’re wondering if glass staircases are durable, we can say that they are just as durable as traditional wooden staircases, in some cases even more so. While glass is typically associated with fragility, the types of glass, used for staircases, are very hick and durable. Plus, unlike wood, glass doesn’t begin to rot over time and is not susceptible to termites. If a step is broken and needs repair or replacement, it can cost you quite a lot, but this is not very likely to happen. Glass staircases, if properly cared for, do not cause many problems.

glass staircase

Another advantage of the glass staircases is that they are easier to clean than the wooden staircases. They also don’t need to be cleaned as often and are far less susceptible to dust. You can vacuum the glass staircases, should the need arise, and wipe them with all-natural glass cleaning products. Be careful, because the steps may be slippery until the cleaning product fully dries, but this generally applies to wooden staircases as well.

glass stairs

Besides being sturdy and easy to clean, glass staircases are very pleasing to the eye. They can give your home a distinctly modern feel. There’s also a variety of different styles for glass staircases. With glass staircases aesthetics and practicality generally go hand in hand.

spiral glass staircase

Probably the biggest con, associated with glass staircases, is the price tag. Glass staircases will cost you at least three times the price of traditional wooden staircases. This is due partly to the arduous installation process. However, if you consider their durability and lifespan, the initial cost for glass staircases may well be worth it in the long run.

Glass staircases are very reliable, but extremely pricey. However, if you are willing to install a glass staircase in your home, you will find that this is a very practical purchase. As to us, we find glass staircases a stunning addition to any contemporary home.

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