Hallway floor tiles

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When you think of tiles, the first room that comes to mind is probably the bathroom or maybe the kitchen. However, there are some lovely tile patterns and layout designs that will work very well in your hallway. Check out our ideas.

For contemporary homes, it would look really elegant and stylish if you place thin porcelain slabs on your hallway floor. They have glossy, ultra modern look, which will be in harmony with the rest of your contemporary interior. If you want your hallway to look bright and spacious, choose light-colored slabs, but keep in mind that dirt will show more. Darker-colored porcelain slabs will be great background for bright decoration items and hallway furniture. The good thing about porcelain flooring is that it is the easiest flooring type to care for. It doesn’t require sealants ¬†or any special cleaner. Sometimes it may need some extra cleaning with water and regular porcelain tile cleaner.

thin porcelain slabs

Stone tiles are another option for your hallway floor. You can create some really interesting layout designs with these. They are ideal, if you are looking to create natural, rustic atmosphere in your hallway. Stone tiles match well with wooden furniture and decoration items. They tend to show less dirt than other types of floor tiles, which makes them ideal for the hallway. They also withstand wear and tear and with proper care they will look like new for years. Just sweep, dust and wash with warm water.

stone tiles

You can also choose mosaic tiles with brick layout to create an interesting pattern in your hallway. This scheme will look best with dark-colored tiles. You can also pick one color for the tiles, two or three different shades of the same color or a couple of different colors that match well. This will make things more dynamic and definitely get the attention of your visitors.

brick pattern

If you decide to tile your hallway, you have many different options for floor tiles, colors and finishes. Explore your options to decide what will work best for you. Keep in mind the maintenance requirements and the rest of the interior.

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