How to hide all the annoying wires in your home

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No one likes to see a messy tangle of wires in their home. This sight can ruin any perfectly good room in your home. In this post, we will show you how to hide all the wires in your home, so that no one will see them or trip on them.

You can move the power to where you need it. Instead of having multiple wires stretched across the floor, get an extension cord. This way you will have only one wire to hide. Invest in a long enough extension cord, so that you can run it along the baseboards in the room.

extension cord

Sometimes, you might have to do some drilling. If you’re working on a desk, one way to hide all the wires around it is to drill a small hole behind where you keep your computer. Then, thread all the wires through that hole and they won’t be visible.


Put all the things that can be unplugged away. Portable fans, hair straighteners and appliances like the vacuum should be unplugged and put away after use. Don’t keep all the powered-off items out in plain view. Actually, keeping them plugged in might be dangerous.

Get a cable management system, like CableBox. It is very simple, yet effective. Simply place the wires inside, stow away the surplus cable lengths and close the lids. This is a great solution to the problem with loose wires. It’s much better to have a clean-looking black or white box on the floor, than a filled-up surge protector.


Keep only the necessary items plugged in. We all have various electrical appliances plugged in where and when we don’t need them. Keep the clutter to a minimum, especially in the bedroom. This will help you get rid of some of the wires.

These are some of the ways to hide the wires in your home. You can tell us how you manage all the wires in your home in the comments section below.

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