House, built from recycled windows

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Lots of natural sunlight is probably the quality of most dream homes. But what would you say about a house, build entirely from glass? Check out this stunning retreat in the mountains of West Virginia.

A couple of young artists decided to give shape to their artistic vision. They wanted to live in a space, where light would change, based on the time of day. Since light is so different in the morning, at noon and at dusk, they wanted to build a house, so that this change would happen in the living space.

dream house

Most of the windows the couple collected to build their house were found or scavenged. They also had to purchase some of them, but not many. Having collected enough glass, they began building the house. The process was sometimes frustrating, because the two build this house by themselves. The front window wall of the house is about 16 feet high, but the base of the structure is another 4 feet off the ground. Nails, wood and anything salvageable from an old barn on the property were used for the construction of the house. About 500$ in total were spent on the project.

glass house

This house took months to complete. This beautifu, glass-faced building is located on a patch of wooded land. There is no plumbing or electricity, but the owners can enjoy the house as an escape. Imagine what an experience this house would be at night, with fireflies, starting at the ground and merging to the stars up in the night sky.


This is a really amazing, creative idea. This beautiful house would make anyone wish they were artists. It might give you some ideas what you can do with recycled wood and windows, and some vintage furniture. Tell us what you think of this wonderful, dream house.

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