House Painting – Tips on Selecting the Paint

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Learning how to paint your house like a professional takes time and practice, but it’s worth it. One of the most important aspects of any house painting project is choosing the paint. In this post, we will give you discuss the different kinds of paint.

Start by selecting the primer. Alcohol and alkyd primers are a good choice, because they can cover almost anything.


After you have selected the primer for the house painting project, choose the paint. Glossy paints tend to be more stain-resistant and can be washed and scrubbed. They also show any imperfections on the wall or the painting.

glossy paint

Flat paints are a good choice for ceilings and more formal rooms.

flat paint

Use oil-based paint if you’re doing some restoration work.

oil-based paint

Latex paints are good for interior walls and new trim.

latex paint

If you need more tips on choosing the right paint for your house painting project, consult a specialist at the store. For tips on doing the actual house painting, check out our other posts.

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