Five ideas for kitchen flooring

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There’s a wide variety of kitchen flooring options to create the perfect combination of style and durability for your kitchen. Whatever the style of your kitchen, with some research, you can find the right kitchen flooring to complement the interior design of the room and give it a finished look. In this post, we will give you five ideas for kitchen flooring to match any style of interior.

Ceramic tiles are a great option for your kitchen flooring. They are beautiful, tough and durable. Ceramic tiles are resistant to almost all of the common sources of wear, endured by high-quality flooring. In fact, they have a relatively longer life compared to most of the other materials, used for flooring. Ceramic tiles are fireproof. They do not burn, nor give off smoke or toxic fumes. If the ceramic tiles are properly installed and grouted, they are also water resistant, which makes them a great choice for wet areas. Ceramic tile flooring is also resistant to abrasion and tread wear, which means it can withstand heavy foot traffic. Ceramic tiles are treated to prevent slipping either by adding an abrasive grit to the glaze, or texture to the surface such as ribs, studs or orange peel finish. This is especially useful for kitchen flooring. Ceramic tile flooring is easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is vacuum and wash regularly.

ceramic tiles

In your kitchen, you can also install hardwood flooring. One of the main advantages of this type of flooring is that it’s very easy to clean and maintain, because stains and dirt simply don’t stick to it. Another advantage of hardwood flooring is that its color will remain the same for a long time. In addition, hardwood flooring is a great option for people with allergies, because it doesn’t hold stuff that can aggravate allergies. Hardwood flooring gives you the chance to create a unique look for your kitchen, because with the different natural patterns, no two hardwood floors are the same. This type of flooring is really tough and strong, and if you drop something heavy on the floor, you won’t have to worry that it will scratch or dent. The best thing about hardwood flooring is that it’s very versatile and can be used in any style of interior design.

hardwood flooring

Another option for your kitchen is cork flooring. Cork is a natural and renewable material. Cork flooring is very durable. It resists cracking and abrasions, and is impermeable to gas and liquid. Cork flooring also tends to bounce back, so any dents, caused by furniture won’t be permanent. If you maintain your kitchen cork flooring properly, it can last for over 40 years. The best thing about cork flooring is that this material is naturally resistant to mold and termites. It is also anti-microbial. Cork flooring is also fire resistant. It will melt or ignite only at very high temperatures. During combustion, cork generates less smoke and releases far less toxic material than vinyl flooring, for example. If you install cork flooring in your kitchen, the room will be naturally warm and quiet, because cork is a good, natural thermal and acoustic insulator. Cork flooring is available in tiles and planks in many different styles, colors and sizes.

cork flooring

For your kitchen, you can also opt for laminate flooring. This type of flooring is a relatively new invention. Modern laminate flooring can imitate the look of a lot of different natural hardwood materials. The printing process can also reproduce the appearance of a variety of natural stone and ceramic flooring materials. It can even reproduce the texture of these natural materials to a certain extent. The top layer of laminate flooring protects the material from stains and spills, which makes it easy to clean. The main advantage of laminate flooring is that it’s naturally resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria. It can also be treated with special allergen resistant and anti-bacterial coatings to make it even safer.

laminate flooring

Vinyl flooring is a popular option for kitchens. It is water and stain resistant, and provides good durability for its cost. Modern vinyl flooring looks attractive and is quite economical. Vinyl flooring comes in sheets or tiles. Sheets are water resistant and easy to install, and vinyl tiles replicate the look of ceramic tile flooring at more affordable cost. Vinyl flooring is durable and can withstand to heavy foot traffic. It also reduces noise, which is quite practical for home owners with kids and pets. Vinyl flooring is also very easy to maintain. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to match any style of interior design.

vinyl flooring

These are five of the most common types of kitchen flooring. They give you many options to match any style of interior design and fit any budget. Choose the option, which suits your needs best.

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