Installing video surveillance in your home

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Security companies offer video surveillance systems with multiple cameras, alarms and 24-hour response services to guard against home invasions. But if you don’t live in a high-crime area, you don’t need for an expensive installation and monthly fee when all you need is a little peace of mind. In this post we will tell you about an easy-to-install, affordable video surveillance system.

The Logitech WiLife system allows you easy installation. The starter kit includes one camera and the basic accessories to get the system up and running. Additionally, it can handle up to six cameras – both indoor and outdoor models. To max out the video surveillance system, you can install three cameras – one at the front door, one at the back door and one aimed at your garden or yard. To install the video surveillance system, load the software on a Windows PC, plug a USB receiver into an electrical socket, put the cameras in place and plug them into the nearest wall. The video stream can be encrypted, streamed over the Internet and accessed remotely through an account on WiLife’s Web site.

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There is also a relatively advances video surveillance system, which uses Internet cameras and a network-attached storage device. The DNS-343 NAS enclosure can hold four drives. Each camera has to be manually configured on your PC, which may require more time and some patience. It gives you a two-way communication through the camera. This video surveillance system can handle video from up to 32 cameras and allows intricate camera control through the interface.

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The total cost of a D-Link video surveillance system can be over $4000. However, that’s a bargain compared to similar professional installations. If you’re just looking for a cost-effective way to turn a webcam that you already have into a home monitoring device, check out software such as WebcamXP or Yawcam.

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Home protection video surveillance systems can consist of a simple streaming web camera or an intricate hi-tech network of smart cameras. No matter what video surveillance system you choose, it can be wired in a weekend project.

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