Interior design of an apartment with full size of 51.62 square meters

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Tight budget for full comfort


The interior project, we present, is created by designers from studio InDesign for a young family without kids. The only requirement of the owners is their new apartment to be maximum comfortable for living, also and to fit in the limited budget, that they can spend for its interior layout.


The initial architecture distribution of the premises don’t imply the maximum functionality on demand, because of what a few constructive changes are required. The implied for the terrace space is merged to the living room zone, the kitchen changes its function with the bedroom, which is transformed in children’s room, but how all this happened, the designers will tell:


In the living room we wanted cleaned interior – without anything unnecessary and any overcharging, only the most necessary.

This home is with one bedroom, that in future will be nursery and the clients wanted to find place for a bed in the living room.


This reform required merging the terrace, as to have the wanted space. On the kitchens place, considered in the architecture scheme. we place the bed, and the kitchen “we performed” on the ex terrace.


As to achieve this transformation, we had to do lining, so that we can install water to the new kitchens place. We also performed the door from the hull to the living room and as a result we got more free space.


There are no more windows in the premises, except to the kitchen and so that we separated the sleeping place with wall of glass bricks, as to have more light in the new bedroom.


We used bright colors as white and beige. Visually we didn’t separate the zones, so that the place cannot be “cut” visually.


As to keep the only source of natural light, we placed all implements on the lower level of the kitchen. Even for the fridge the decision was, small fridge and big freezer.


The bright wood furniture brings nice soft tone of the whole look of the place. The milky white color present in all elements.


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