Kids room with extraordinary beds

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Kids room with extraordinary beds

A series of posts have been dedicated to the kids room and we are proud to say that we have given our proper share on the topic. The thing is that this is the place where our beloved ones spend plenty of their time dreaming about fairy tale characters and cartoon heroes. So, what would you say, if we told you that you could help your kids fulfill their dreams?

There is a pretty stylish solution actually – the extraordinary beds. And we do not mean some futuristic shapes; we are talking about beds, which have been designed based on a certain fairy tale motif. If we take little girls for example, most of them do dream about magic castles and princesses. It would be really smart if you get them a bed which has been designed to resemble a castle. Naturally, the shades would be in pink and red.

As for the boys, cars never seem to bore them. And yes, there are beds designed as cars as well. As a matter of fact, the choice is much greater than one would imagine. Sports cars are the absolute block buster, however many boys would enjoy sleeping in a bed designed as a police or fire brigade car!

To round the story up, do not get worried if your child has other interests. Even though, the bed shape that you need is not manufactured the same way racing car or castle beds are, you can always find a skillful carpenter and have it tailor made. One thing is for sure – even the most pernickety kid will be thoroughly pleased!

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