Lamps with minimalist design

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Contemporary interior design prefers minimalist items with simple, but unusual shapes. And if you really love these modern trends in interior design, you can add some contemporary minimalist lamps to your rooms. Choose some of these amazing designs to complete the futuristic atmosphere in your home.

ceiling lamps

These modern ceiling lamps will make for a great addition to your minimalist, futuristic living room. They have simple, yet very attractive design. These ceiling lamps combine style and functionality. They would bring not only light to your modern living room, but also fun. This is a great way to show off your sense of style and beauty. Your family would really love them and your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off these cool ceiling lamps.

floor lamps

Minimalist floor lamps would also make for a great addition to your contemporary home. You can choose this design to highlight your favorite reading spot in the living room or as task lighting by the desk in your home office or the couch in front of the TV. The best thing about contemporary lamps is that they serve a function and decorate your rooms at the same time. Choose the color according to the rest of the interior design.

wall lamps

Installing minimalist wall lamps is a great and fun way to light your hallway. You can use these wall lamps as task lighting by the mirror in your hallway or as accent lighting around some contemporary wall art piece. Choose some wall lamps with fun shape to create a cheery mood in your hallway. You may also install them in any other room that need brightening up.

table lamp

Modern, minimalist table lamps are another option to install contemporary lighting in your home. You can place modern table lamps in pretty much every room. They would look great in the bedroom or at the desk in your home office.

For lovers of the modern, minimalist style, there are lots of functional or decorative objects to choose for your home, including lamps.

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