Light your porch with LED strip lights

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Your porch is a great place for hanging out with friends, having romantic dinners and playing with your kids. This is the place, where you can relax with a cup of coffee of play a game of chess with a friend. Light your porch with LED strip lights and it will become your friends’ favorite place, too.

Using LED strip lights is one of the easiest ways to light your porch. Attach the LED strip lights along the edges of your porch floor. This way, you can delimit the space. The light source will remain invisible and there won’t be any annoying shadows. LED strip lights are a great solution for large porch spaces. Keep in mind that you’ll have to find water-resistant LED strip lights. LED strip lights use very little energy, which will help you save money at the end of the month. You can also use LED strip lights in the winter, as part of your Christmas decoration.

LED strip lights

LED strip lights along the edges of your porch will provide indirect light, but you also need to think about the direct lighting of the space. Select a central place, where you need the main lighting fixture to be. This way, you can spend more time outside in the summer nights, feeling comfortable. In case you have a table on the porch, make sure the area around it is well lit. LED strip lights will help you create the finished look of your porch.

LED lighting

The steps, leading to your porch must also be well lit. Unfortunately, this is one of the most ignored parts. Without sufficient lighting, it may be dangerous to use your porch in the evening. You have many options, when choosing the lighting for your porch steps. The flexible LED strip lights can do an excellent job. You can attach the under the edges of the steps. This way, the source of light won’t be visible, but will still provide sufficient light, to make the area safe.

LED strip lighting

With LED strip lights, you can direct light toward your favorite potted plants or any decorative objects on your porch. One of the biggest advantages of LED strip lights is that no significant amount of heat is produces, therefore they won’t damage the plants or the outdoor décor.

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