The masterpiece home decor that fulfilled the owner’s every wish

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The masterpiece home decor that fulfilled the owner’s every wish

We would like to bring to your attention a short article, which will give you in insight into a home decor project which we executed with sheer perfection. Let us get started by highlighting the set of requirements as desired by the owner of this home: minimalist style in terms of furnishing, white color as the leading nuance and a common area that combines the living and dining area into one.


Now, we must admit that was not the easiest of tasks, however if you take a good look, we are pretty confident that you will appreciate the outcome. The first obstacle that the interior design team had to overcome was to create a welcoming, warm atmosphere in minimalist style. The solution was spectacular – the team used plenty of organic materials to achieve the desired effect. Among their favorites were the milky-white travertine and chocolate-brown pecan.

The second most difficult task was to create a bright, spacious and white interior, which yet again had to be as functional as possible. Now, the ordinary way of placing cupboards, cabinets and shelves was out of the question, however the designers found a way out once again. A perfect example to illustrate what we mean is the bedroom – the wall behind the bed has been turned into a long TV cabinet and a stylish bookshelf has been installed above it.

Once the biggest challenges had been overcome, the interior design specialists had to add the finishing touch, which would turn into a unique masterpiece of home decor technique. A gorgeous aquarium was installed, which also served to separate the doorway from the living room. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?!

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