The microwave oven – convenient and dangerous

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Today, we can hardly imagine life without the microwave oven. The microwave oven is a pretty convenient appliance, which saves time. We use the microwave oven every day to cook, reheat or defrost food, to make popcorn and various other things.

It has been proven that around 90% of the vitamins and minerals in the food are destroyed in the microwave oven. This is especially true when you use it to defrost fruits and vegetables, where the glucose in the fruit is turned into carcinogens. Cooking in a microwave oven also distorts the molecular structure of the foods you prepare, destroying much of the nutrients. This causes problems with the immune system over time. If you eat mainly foods, prepared in the microwave oven, after a period of time you are likely to have lowered levels of hemoglobin, higher count of white blood cells, impaired metabolism and hormonal imbalance.

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If you still want to use your microwave oven, you should try to use is less often, so forget about the ready-to-cook foods. It is better to use the microwave oven to reheat food, rather than cook it. When you need to defrost food, do this in the refrigerator overnight, rather than in the microwave oven. Avoid cooking or reheating baby food in the microwave oven at all costs, especially if you feed your baby with baby formula. Keep your microwave oven clean and stay away from it, when you use it.

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We cannot know for sure what the exact effects of the microwave oven on the food and on our health are. We don’t know exactly what problems are caused by the microwave oven or how long these negative effects can last. However, more and more people avoid using the microwave oven today.

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We are well aware of the fact that we cannot blame the microwave oven for cancer and all other diseases. However, it’s a fact that the food prepared in the microwave oven is entirely different on a cellular level from the food prepared the traditional way.

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