Modern toaster designs

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The toaster is so common kitchen appliance that no one really notices it, although it’s usually out on the counter and fully visible. However, modern toaster designs can turn this common household object into a really awesome decorative element in your contemporary kitchen. In this post we will show you some modern toaster designs.

 see-through toaster

Probably everyone, who likes a toast for breakfast, has at some point burned a toast. This transparent modern toaster will solve this problem, letting you see what’s going on inside. Since getting the right toaster setting is not an easy task, with this modern toaster you will be able to get your toast exactly when you want it. Unfortunately, this amazing modern toaster design is just a concept for now. The heating glass technology just can’t heat enough to toast bread. We can’t wait to see this modern toaster on our kitchen counters, because it looks really cool.

glide toaster

The next modern toaster design we would like to show you is this cool glide toaster. It works by passing slices of bread upright through heating elements and depositing them into a toast catcher on the other end. Since most people don’t know exactly when the toast will pop up and get startled every time it does, this modern toaster will solve this issue. The glide toaster is made from bone china and can be adjusted to muffins and bread slices of different thickness.

toaster messages

The next modern toaster that got our attention is this cool messaging toaster, which burns notes on your toasts. We are not exactly sure how it works, but it lets you write messages on the top lid with the supplied stylus, which then get burned on your toasts. Of course, we never new we needed a feature like that, but this modern toaster will definitely impress you.

egg and muffin toaster

The egg and muffin toaster is a modern toaster designed to toast two slices of bread or English muffins and cook an egg, while warming a slice of Canadian bacon or sausage. This modern toaster does all the three functions simultaneously, so that you can assemble a tasty sandwich for breakfast within just a few minutes. It’s amazing how all these functions are perfectly times, so that everything is ready at the same time.

 printing toaster

This modern toaster is inspired by a desktop ink-jet printer. You can stack sliced bread, which is then fed into the toaster from the top. When the bread is toasted, it is ejected onto the base. Considering the trend for burning various designs onto your toast, we expect this modern toaster to be modified to burn any kind of graphic.

portable toaster

The portable toaster is a really awesome modern toaster design. It looks like a ceramic cake knife. You just move the blade over the bread like an iron. Butterflies and flowers appear on the top part of the blade, indicating the level of toasting. Simply adjust your timing according to the movement of the patterns. Like all conventional toasters, this modern toaster takes two or three minutes to toast a slice of bread. The downside of this modern toaster is that you can toast only one side at a time. This modern toaster is a great choice for campers or for people with busy schedules, who enjoy toasted sandwiches for lunch.

Modern toaster designs come in all shapes and sizes. They combine awesome looks and functionality. Get a modern toaster for your kitchen if you want preparing your breakfast in the morning to be real fun. The whole family will enjoy your new, modern toaster and it will also serve as a cool decorative element in your contemporary kitchen.

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