Modern wood house

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When you hear the phrase ‘wood house’, you probably imagine a house, made from logs or timbers and that’s pretty much it. However, modern engineering, the constantly changing tastes of home owners and various new architectural ideas have added a whole new meaning to the concept of a wood house. In this post, we will discuss the modern wood house.

small wood house

A great deal of the appeal of the wood house comes from the warmth that emanates from the logs and timbers themselves. Various architectural elements like rafters and second-floor joists are left exposed to add the desired textural contrast and natural atmosphere to the interior of the wood house. Normally, people choose a wood house for a vacation home. This is due to the fact that the best kind of environment makes you feel at ease, helps you relax and promotes family fun. This kind of soothing environment is easily created in a wood house.

wood house

A wood house, made from logs, was constructed all by hand in the past. Today’s technology, with modern chainsaws, lathes and computer-operated mills helps you create more diverse and intricate wood house designs. For example, a quite popular variation to the traditional log home designs is square log walls. Modern engineering has also allowed builders to create multi-story log homes. Timber homes have also come a long way. Today, the hand-carved connections are replaced by computer designs. With modern day technology, builders can craft amazing, modern wood house designs.

wood cabin

The look of the wood house has changed a lot over the years, because of the changing architectural tastes. With the growing demand for wood house designs, the range of styles has become even more diverse. A modern wood house can be built by handcrafted log walls and trusses, or it can have a timber frame with handcrafted accents. A modern wood house can feature a combination between square timbers and logs, and round posts and beams. In fact, this is a quite popular trend in modern wood house design.

wood house interior

Modern wood house designs are created with a variety of log, timber, stone, siding materials and glass to achieve unique look, matching anyone’s personal style. Modern wood house designs can function as cottages, cabins, retreats or primary residences. There is no limit to modern wood house designs.

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