Prefab houses – style and comfort

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The prefab houses unlike the conventional buildings are made of whole segments, which are put together on the construction site. In other words – the separate segments are prefabricated, shipped to the construction site and then put together and connected to the existing infrastructure.

The prefab houses are also known as module houses, since you can use different modules to put up a house with a different number of rooms and location.
The prefab houses enjoy a healthy consumer interest for the following reasons:

Fast construction

Putting up a prefab house is way faster than conventional building. Normally, it does not take more than two months to order one, get it delivered and have it put up.

Every single room is manufactured within the fabric, so all you have to do is set your mind on the right configuration and place an order. Have in mind that conventional building might take a good few months or even one year. Taking into consideration the hectic years that we live in, prefabs can be a suitable solution not just for our home but for your office building as well.

Cost optimization

The high insulation parameters of the prefab houses would account for the low electricity bills not just in the summer, but in the cold winters as well. Another advantage is the lower end-price of the ready product (the prefab house), which comes as a result of the lower building, design and other inevitable costs.