How to properly maintain wooden parquet flooring

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Parquet flooring is a type of hardwood floor cover, which forms a geometric pattern. Applying a topcoat of varnish seals and protects the parquet flooring from spills and other accidents. However, proper maintenance and care are required to ensure minimal damage to the topcoat and the parquet flooring underneath.

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It is important to clean parquet flooring regularly. Vacuum the floor to remove dirt and dust. Smaller particles can be removed with a broom. It’s important to remove all of the grit from the surface before mopping the parquet flooring, because tiny particles can cause scratches, acting like abrasives when mopping. Mop the floor with a damp mop. The key to successfully mopping parquet flooring is to use as little moisture as possible. Plain water is usually sufficient for regular cleanings. If the floor is heavily soiled, use floor cleaner designed for parquet flooring.


Depending on the finish type your parquet flooring, you will need a suitable maintenance product. For varnished or lacquered parquet flooring, most maintenance products come in the form of a polish. For oiled or waxed parquet flooring, you can choose between a polish and a hard wax. In you’re not sure what type of polish your parquet flooring has, you can determine by applying a few drops of water to some inconspicuous area. If white spots appear within a few minutes, the floor has a wax or oil finish. Remove the spots by gently rubbing with 000 steel wool, dampened with wax.


Buffing your parquet flooring after applying the maintenance product will give a better result. Keep in mind that most electric small buffing machines are too light for this work and will hardly have any effect on your wooden floor. Use either a semi-professional buffer with a large white pad, or a buffing-block made of cast iron. The movement of the pad or buffing block will warm the applied maintenance product, spreading it our more evenly and allowing the wood to absorb it more. This will also reduce the time your floor feels slippery.


If you live in an old house and have original parquet flooring, keep in mind that it is extremely sensitive to moisture and will usually bulge, when exposed to moist conditions. Contemporary parquet flooring is more resistant to moisture and can be installed even at basement level. However, it still needs proper cleaning and maintenance.

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