How to protect your home from cockroaches

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Everyone hates cockroaches. However, cockroaches are one of the most common household pest insects. There are cheap and safe ways to keep cockroaches away from your home.

Once cockroaches infest your home, it can be pretty hard to get rid of them with any homemade methods. To make them leave your home, you can try to block their access to food, place bright lights in the places where they hide or use ultrasonic devices that produce disturbing to the cockroaches noises. However, it would be easier to prevent cockroaches from entering your home in the first place.


If you don’t want to use chemicals as a roach repellent, there are several other ways to ward off the cockroaches. These repellent methods are effective, cheap and completely safe for you and your family members, including pets.

  1. Spray hot pepper or place chili pepper mixture around the places that cockroaches are likely to infest. Cockroaches don’t like the scent and taste of chili pepper, so this would prevent them from moving in into your home.
  2. Cockroaches also hate the aroma of mint. Place some mint oil around your home and they will avoid entering.
  3. Another thing to do is scatter some cedar shards in some of the hidden areas in your home. This is a safe and organic method to repel not only cockroaches, but all types of bugs.

cockroach infestation

You can also go to a pharmacy near your home and purchase boric acid. This is a safe chemical that will help you prevent roach infestation. Boil the boric acid in water until it dissolves, place the solution in a spray bottle and spray your wooden cabinets. The reason this method works is because cockroaches will dehydrate if they pass through the sprayed area.


Try these methods for preventing cockroaches from infesting your home. Once they decide to move it, it is extremely hard to remove them. These methods will help you avoid costly removal techniques and great inconvenience.

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