Revitalize your furniture with foil

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If you are tired of your old furniture and want a change, but are on a tight budget, we have some ideas for you. In this article we will show you how to revitalize your old furniture with foil.

You can start with the kitchen. If your old kitchen counters and cabinets still function well, but look terrible, using foil is an ideal solution for you. You don’t need to get angry or sad, because you can’t afford new ones. All you need is a few rolls of furniture foil and a knife. You just need to change the look of the cabinet doors, because they are the “face” of your kitchen. After that you can change the handles with new, modern ones, and you have a new kitchen. You can even do the same with your refrigerator. This cosmetic change with some foil will make it look like it’s built in.


After you’re done with the kitchen, you can move on to the bedroom. Buying a new wardrobe may be a large investment. And if you can’t afford that at the moment, you can always use some furniture foil to make your wardrobe look as good as new. There are many foil options available, imitating different wooden surfaces. Change the look of your old wardrobe with some foil and new door handles – easy and affordable.


Furniture foil is also a good option if you want to furnish a home office, but can’t afford it at the moment. Give your old desk and shelving units an amazing new look with the help of some furniture foil. This way, your new office will look cozy and will stimulate your creativity.


If you need a really easy and affordable change in your home, furniture foil might be an ideal choice for you. With some furniture foil you can change entirely the look of any old piece of furniture. This will make your rooms more attractive and inviting.

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