Shared kids’ room designs for three or more children

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Large families often have problems with limited space. There’s never enough room to store everyone’s belongings and the kids often need to share a room. In this post, we will show you some awesome shared kids’ room designs for three or more children.


If you must design a shared kids’ room for all your kids, this doesn’t mean the room will have to be overcrowded. Bunk beds are a great way to accommodate everyone. Look at this amazing shared kids’ room. It’s a little unusual, but functional and stylish at the same time. Peacock blues and chartreuse are the colors used to create a nautical theme for the room. Each bunk has its own nautical wall sconce in chrome finish. Since a central lighting fixture is not suitable for the unique layout of the room, the designers have chosen a more organic and versatile solution. They installed bendable track lighting, in the shape of an S, with alternating accent lights and urchin pendants. The result is really beautiful and sculptural.

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Built-in bunk beds are a great choice, if you need to squeeze three or more kids in a shared kids’ room. In this incredible room, the bunk beds are a part of an open communal space, defined by a curved wall of walnut plywood. If you need to separate the seating area with the polyester-covered couch from the bunk beds, you can use a curtain to close off the space. Built-ins and decks in a sleeping alcove are an efficient space-saving interior design solution for your shared kids’ room. This option will help you create sophisticated and stylish interior within the limited space you have available.

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Sometimes, even if you have just one or two kids, you will still need to find space for more than three children for a sleepover. There aren’t many things more fun for kids than a sleepover with friends. To keep the gang at your house, get a set of fun bunk beds. This is a great choice for both residential and vacation properties. To make the shared kids’ room even more fun, use splashes of turquoise and orange. Place a TV and a couch for movie or game nights. Each of these recessed bunks has a light niche for individual reading. Wood railings add punch to the upper bunks with their graphic design while keeping everybody safely tucked in place.


If you have twins or triplets, your best option is to design an awesome, shared kids’ room for them to play and sleep together. The best space-saving solution is to get bunk beds. There are many modern designs of bunk beds to choose from, according to the interior design of the room and your needs. Take a look at these cool, corner bunk beds with a built-in dresser. They will let you accommodate everyone and offer additional storage space for clothes and toys. The wooden frames with natural finish match the laminate flooring and complement the beige walls. To brighten things a bit, add a colorful accent rug and themed bedding sets. The potted houseplant adds live to the shared kids’ room interior.

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These custom-made triple bunk beds look really cool in a shared kids’ room for boys. They look really fun and attractive. You kids will enjoy not only sleeping in them, but playing as well. Don’t worry about the beds looking a bit unstable. They are durable enough to last at least for several years. Plus, they are installed very securely both to the wall and floor with support. These bunk beds leave free floor space, which you can use for storage in the shared kids’ room.

Designing a shared kids’ room for three or more kids can be a pretty hard task. You need to find the right furniture, which will save space and allow enough storage options. In addition, everyone needs to be comfortable in the shared kids’ room, and the room needs to be fun for your kids to sleep and play.

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