A few tips on walls painting

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The color of the walls in your home is a very important part of the interior design. If you don’t choose the right color for the walls, in time, this can influence your mood in a negative way and you will need a change. Choose the color according to your furniture and the size of the rooms.

If you are going to paint the walls in a room with a low ceiling, it is best to choose a light-colored paint and leave the ceiling white. Do not choose too many colors for your walls. Latex paints are a great option, because of the large selection of colors and easy application and maintenance. If you want to do the painting by yourself, here’s what you need to do.


Remove all the objects that will get in the way. Besides the furniture, remove all the decorative items too. If you cannot remove the furniture, gather everything in the middle of the room and cover it with a good drop cloth. Use blue painter’s tape around the corners of the ceiling, windows and doors to protect them. Don’t forget to cover the floor too.


If you are going to paint the ceiling as well, start there first and then move on to the walls. Wait until the paint on the ceiling is completely dry before you start painting the walls. Paint around the corners of the walls with a brush and use a roller for the rest. To do the job, you will need a few brushes, a roller, a ladder, a container for the paint and rags to wipe off excess paint, catch drips and clean up spills.

walls painting

If you are not experienced in walls painting and have doubts, it would be best to seek the help of a professional. This would save you a lot of trouble.

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