The trefoil – the gardener’s trophy

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The trefoil – the gardener’s trophy

The trefoil is really a very popular plant, which can be grown both inside and in the garden. The truth is that it has quite an extraordinary nature; therefore gardeners take special pride in growing it. Some of the best examples are considered a real trophy for those who have a flair for plants.


Its popularity is due to the fact that it has spectacular heart-shaped leaves, which makes it a preferred choice by many. This is one of the most beautiful non-blooming plants, since it creates an exotic atmosphere in the interior or the garden. The trefoil is also known as “elephant ear”. With proper care, it can grow as tall as two meters, so make sure you have provided enough space for it. As a matter of fact, its size is the reason why many people prefer to grow it in their gardens.

The must know facts about this plant are two. First, the trefoil blooms very, very rarely, hence this phenomenon is considered by gardeners a huge success. The blossoms have light-green nuances and some unpleasant smell. They tend to exhaust the plant, so once you have cherished the moment it is a good idea to remove them. The second peculiarity is that the trefoil, despite its name, does not always have just three leaves. They can be as many as ten, however this proves to be rather demanding for the plant. The best way to go about it would be to remove the oldest leaf as soon as the new one has come up.