Unique Christmas decoration ideas for kids’ bedroom

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Decorating the house for Christmas helps you set the mood for the most cheerful time of the year. Usually the living room becomes the focus of Christmas decoration, because this is where the family gathers most frequently. But, before you decide you are finished with the decoration, consider the kids’ bedroom.

You can use the help of your child to decorate their room. Have the kid paint a Christmas scene with crayons or watercolor paint. Tape the painting to the wall, using a tape that will peel off easily after the holidays and won’t harm the wall. You can also make paper snowflakes and tape them to the windows. Go outside and gather some pine cones. Then add glitter to them and place them in a basket or a plate. You may also gather some twigs and place them in a mug. Cover them with glitter, too.

pine cones with glitter

Buy a garland and drape it across the curtain rod, the dresses or the mirror. You can string small, colorful balls on it. An alternative suggestion is to make paper chain garland with your kid. This will give you the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

decorated garland

Choose a Christmas tree according to the size of the room. Use a smaller Christmas tree than the one in the living room. Even a small tree, placed on the bedside table, will bring smiles to your child. You can buy a miniature tree, like the ones used for decorating Christmas landscaping scenes, and decorate it. You may also consider buying a real Christmas tree. Go to your local garden center and get a Norfolk Island pine. Watch the tree grow as your kid grows.

small Christmas tree

Stuffed toys are another good idea for a Christmas decoration for your kids’ bedroom. Get a stuffed Santa or a reindeer and place them on the bed.  Nothing says Christmas better than a Santa or a reindeer.

Christmas stuffed toys

When decorating your kids’ bedroom for Christmas, do not forget the bedding sets. You may place something simple, like plain red or green sheets or pillow cases, or you can get some Christmas themed bedding sets. This will induce dreams of Santa and his sleigh full of toys.

Christmas bedding set

Make the decorating process fun and involve you kid. Children can make their own unique Christmas decoration to help you create a warm and friendly Christmas home. Keep in mind that these craft ideas may require some parental supervision, but your kid will definitely enjoy the results.

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