Wooden breakfast-in-bed tray table

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Breakfast in bed is one of life’s simple luxuries. Whether you’re treating yourself or being indulged by a loved one, you’ll need something to balance the breakfast on. In this post, we will show you a few breakfast-in-bed tray table designs.

tray table

This wooden tray table is ideal for serving breakfast in bed. It’s made from oak and has grooved handles and fold-out legs. The tray table is big enough for a full breakfast.

 tray tables

This is a traditional tray table design with a twist. It has a warm antique walnut finish. This tray table features large handles and folding legs for easy storage. You can easily balance and serve your favorite breakfast.

tray table design

This versatile tray table lets you work at home in comfort and style. It is made from molded wood veneer in walnut finish with cork accents. This creative tray table can be used for a laptop, for reading or for serving breakfast in bed.

tray table designs

Surprise your loved one by serving them breakfast in bed on this lovely tray table. It can also be used to serve meals to an ill person, who has to stay in bed. The cut-out in the upper part of this tray table makes it very easy to carry. The table legs are quite stable. They are assembled with wooden pins, which makes them more durable and they don’t fall automatically.

breakfast-in-bed tray table

This tray table is designed to serve breakfast in bed in style. It features durable oak wood construction and folding legs for easy storage. This tray table is perfect for breakfast in bed or for serving drinks by the pool.

Preparing and serving or having breakfast in bed probably isn’t everyone’s idea of having a good time, but it can be pretty relaxing. You need to have a stable tray table to make as little mess as possible in your bed. Breakfast in bed can be a wonderful way to wake up.

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